Community Benefit

In addition to contributing to the vision set out in the DNV Official Community Plan, the redevelopment of these Lands will deliver a number of benefits to the larger neighborhood:

Retention of the North Shore Winter Club on the North Shore:

The NSWC is a private club that offers an essential service to hundreds of North Shore families.  The primary goal of the Club is to remain on the North Shore and continue to offer these services locally. Redevelopment of the NSWC Lands will provide the financial resources necessary to create a sustainable plan for the future of the Club.  

New Community Facility:

We are proposing a new Community Facility in partnership with the North Shore Unitarian Centre.  This Community Facility is located on the NSWC Lands, and will incorporate programming such as:

  • An Assembly Hall as a venue for a range of public events, such as concerts, lectures and group gatherings
  • A large lobby/atrium featuring lunch time music events, art exhibits, informal gatherings and community shows
  • A lounge area to informally meet with friends and neighbours over coffee

Community Connectivity:

The redevelopment of the NSWC Lands will connect the western part of the Town Centre area to the larger planning context.  The areas east and west of Lynn Creek are envisioned to be connected via a DNV planned pedestrian bridge. 

Park and Green Space Enhancement:

The redevelopment of the NSWC Lands will facilitate additional improvements to Bridgman Park, as well as new public and private green spaces and trail networks that are linked to the existing network of access routes and trails in the larger community.

Variety of Housing Options:

Consistent with the DNV’s Lower Lynn Town Centre Implementation Plan, this redevelopment will revitalize the existing residential neighbourhood and encourage a mix of new housing types and tenures, meeting the needs of an area to robust with employment, transit, retail and community services.