The North Shore Winter Club is currently investigating options for relocating the Club to a new location on the North Shore. As a component of this relocation, the NSWC will be partnering with Darwin Properties on the redevelopment of the current North Shore Winter Club Lands (NSWC Lands).

The initial investigation of redevelopment options for the NSWC Lands are lead by the following goals:

  • Redevelopment of the NSWC Lands will facilitate the construction of a new NSWC facility with no interruption to existing services
  • Alignment with the goals of the District of North Vancouver's Official Community Plan for growth and renewal in key Town Centres
  • Following the planning principles and Town Centre vision specified in the Lower Lynn Town Centre Implementation Plan
  • Supporting a range of housing types to accommodate people in the local community, in all stages of life
  • Protection and enhancement of the Lynn Creek corridor, including park upgrades, significant green spaces and a new community facility

For more details on the planning process related to the potential new location of the NSWC at 2420 Dollarton Highway, click here.

Video Source: District of North Vancouver