Located in the north end of the new Lions Gate Village and sitting creekside on the Capilano River, Darwin is constructing 23 woodframe townhomes for Vancouver developer PC Urban. From its timber frame to the masonry siding, the design of these three storey townhomes have been built to fit into its surroundings on the North Shore.

To learn more about this community coming to the Lions Gate Community, we sat down with Project Manager, Sam Glanville, to find out more on the construction progress, design features, next steps and more.

Tell us a bit about Holland Row

Holland Row is a 39,490 square foot townhome community built over a concrete parkade with a timber frame, masonry and siding exterior, and a sloped asphalt roof. Currently, building three is the furthest along with its drywall and envelop completion estimated for the end of the month, with building two’s masonry and rough-ins in line with the same completion date. Building one’s rough-in have recently commenced as well.

At completion, each home will also have a secure parking garage and a back yard with a view of the Capilano River, which are unique features to this project.

What has been a recent accomplishment at Holland Row?

We have recently achieved positive results on a mid-test for step code air tightness requirements. This was a new requirement introduced to the project after commencement, and being a new procedure with little precedence, it was a great accomplishment in achieving these positive test results.

What was the biggest obstacle so far and how did your team overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges with this project was the site layout and construction logistics. With the Capilano River on the North side, and no access from the East and West sides of the site, the only available access was the South side. Unfortunately, the South side contains low hanging existing power lines which restricts access and creates a safety hazard. This was overcome through careful planning and precise execution.

What milestones have been completed?

The completed structure includes a single level parkade, on which 3 townhouses are built. In total, there are 23 units that extend 3 levels above the parkade, with the units ranging between 1,648 to 1,874 square feet (excluding parkade).

How many trades/people are onsite at Holland Row on a given day?

At peak production, the project has approximately 60 workers on site at one time, with most of these workers employed through the local businesses subcontracted by Darwin.

What is your favourite stage of construction?

The drywall is currently being installed to Building 3, which starts to make the building feel like an actual home. You can now walk into the building and look out of the third floor bedroom windows over the Capilano River and picture the final product being used and lived in, and ultimately the best part of any project is seeing it in use.

What is one of the unique design features of Holland Row that home buyers will love?

The design really takes advantage of the unique property location and every unit has large folding doors that open out and connect the living room to the patio overlooking the river.

What are the next steps for construction Holland Row?

As building 3 is now water tight and the envelope almost complete, the drywall is now being installed throughout. This will be followed by the finishing scopes including painting, cabinets, flooring, countertops and all final touches that complete the interior of the units.

Darwin is proud to be building Holland Row for PC Urban.

Learn more about Holland Row here.