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Deep Cove Road Redevelopment

In December 2016 Darwin Properties submitted a Preliminary Application to the District of North Vancouver to redevelop the properties at 1012 – 1060 Deep Cove Road. This application was referred to neighbours and community associations for comment. On March 29, 2017, Darwin Properties withdrew the application in order to redesign the proposal to respond to the public feedback received around height, parking, traffic, and other issues.

Darwin has now submitted a revised preliminary application that addresses these issues, electing to proceed with a development based on the existing Deep Cove Village Commercial Zone.

The Raven Pub

Darwin has partnered with the Gibbons Group on the operation of The Raven Pub. On behalf of all of us at Darwin & Gibbons, we’d like to congratulate Jennifer Crawford on her retirement and thank her for the past 18 years of service, support and dedication to the Raven Pub and the many group initiatives and charities in North Vancouver.

See you soon at the Raven Pub.

Project Video

Please take a look at the following video from local business owners on Deep Cove Road and what they envision for the future of the site.

Thank you to all who participated.

Contact Information

For more information, email: deepcoveproject@darwin.ca

District of North Vancouver Contact:
Kevin Zhang
Email: ZhangK@dnv.org
Phone: 604-990-2321

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